Not only has it been an eternity since I posted, but I also recently moved my blog to a new hosting company and had plans to migrate the blog over as it was. Unfortunately, when trying to back up my blog to a file I could install with my new hosting company, I found out that my data had been corrupted.  So I had to take screenshots of every post I wrote to have a record of them because I couldn’t share them or print them (long story). Thankfully, I was able to download all my photos from the blog. 

So long story short, I will be working hard to recreate my old posts and publish them all as soon as possible. I plan to post them with original dates and try to ensure they don’t mass dump into the blog’s Facebook page. I apologize ahead of time if that happens. I will also be working to build up the blog’s structure and layout as well. I hope to be done quickly.

I have also separated my work site from the blog site. I will include a link to the site in the top menu. 

Thank you all for your patience, and I am glad to be back and writing again!

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